Do you love the smell of popcorn, the anticipation of a movie starting, spending time with family, and seeing old friends?

Main Street would like to revive the Historic Skyline theater into a multi-entertainment theater showing second run films, film festivals, documentaries and independent films, outdoor adventure films, live music, speakers, performing arts and more!

The Skyline Movie Theater operated from 1940 into the 1980’s, when it closed and Walt’s Plumbing operated out of the building ever since. The building is a candidate to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is centrally located in our downtown close to restaurants, shopping, and hotel accommodations.  Located at 14 N Franklin it is right in the locally designated historic and main street districts.

Main Street Pinedale is pursuing the purchase and renovation of the Historic Skyline Theater. We want to revive this local treasure into a community gathering spot that will preserve Pinedale’s history,  reinforce Pinedale’s culture, provide entertainment and community connection, and generate economic development for our downtown during the evening  and off season.

We have spent the last year, researching the building history, developing a business plan, initial programming, and reviewing the building condition and putting together preliminary renovation and operation costs. We have been fortunate to have received support from the Wyoming Community Foundation, the Wyoming Arts Council, Wyoming Main Street, Jorgensen Associates, and the property owners Joe and Annie Sondgeroth who have been gracious and patient throughout.

It’s time for the next step! Purchase of the property!

Main Street Pinedale needs to raise $170,000  in order to purchase the property, and begin writing grants to fund the renovation. Funds will go towards the purchase of the property but will also be used as matching funds to apply for larger grants to fund Phase 2, the renovation.

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Sublette Fur Trade Papers

Sublette Fur Trade Papers

Except from Pinedale’s Historic Walking Tour Brochure:

14 North Franklin Street, originally the Patterson home, was replaced with the Skyline Theatre, which had its grand opening in September 1940.  The Pinedale Roundup reported on the theater opening, “The beautiful interior is indirectly lighted from each side of the upper portion of each wall.  Silhouettes depicting mountain scenery, winter sports, hunting and fishing, and other recreational facilities adjacent to Pinedale, lend local color to the interior decorations.  A raised floor and comfortable furniture makes theatre going a pleasure.  Acoustics are excellent, as the building was designed for sound equipment.  Nothing was overlooked in designing the building, including a small lobby, a small room for caring for noisy babies.”  The new movie house was a great improvement from the wooden benches and folding chairs at the Wilson Hall, on east Pine Street, where movies had been shown throughout the 1930s.  After two decades of being a favorite gathering place for the town’s people, the theatre closed.  It was replaced with
Walt’s Plumbing and Heating, which opened in 1986.



Main Street would like to revive the Historic Skyline theater into a multi-purpose theater showing second run films, film festivals, documentaries and independent films, live music, speakers, and performing arts. In addition the facility would be available to rent out.

Opening it up to different styles of entertainment will allow us to partner with many of the numerous non-profit organizations within Sublette County which will allow us to  reach different target markets within the area, and provide a variety of programming.

Some of our ideas for programming include:

Outdoor Adventure Film Series (hunting, flyfishing, skiing, snowmobiling, dirtbiking, climbing, etc.)

High Brow Film Series   (films with a professor to speak about the genre, background, cinematography, interpretation of the film etc.)

Curated second run film series (Mountain Man Movies, Spaghetti Westerns, Filmed in Wyoming (including those filmed in Sublette County, like the Legend of Earl Durand, and Sweet Creek County War, Minions etc.)

Holiday Films (12 days of Christmas, Halloween, etc)

Children’s Films on in-service days

Launching our own film festival

Speakers on History

Live Music, Small performances (small stage), live streaming, and group gaming.

The opportunities are endless and we are only limited by our imagination!

We love your ideas! If you have an idea of something you want to see please let us know and we will check it out! If you are an organization we would love to hear from you too, on how we could partner!


The Mission of the Skyline Theater is to utilize a historic space as a tool to integrate Pinedale’s distinct culture, history, and artistic identity to entertain, educate and enlighten community members.

#1 Historic restoration of a historic building in Pinedale’s Historic District

#2 Act as a catalyst for downtown revitalization

-Boost Pinedale’s NIGHTLIFE, act as a complimentary attraction to drive foot traffic to the restaurant, retail, bar sectors downtown

-Boost Pinedale’s OFF-SEASON Provide an entertainment option during the off-season months to drive foot traffic to the restaurant, retail, bar sectors downtown

#3 Further support and reinforce Pinedale’s identity, by incorporating films, music, and performances that support our history, culture, and artistry to educate, entertain, and enlighten us

#4 Provide community connection, by creating opportunities for the community to come together, by providing an event space, and partnering with other organizations with mutual interests



PHASE 1: Property Investigation and Purchase. Fundraising Goal $170,000

This phase started in 2017, with an investigation of the condition of the property and building, historic research,  preliminary estimates for restoration/renovation, a business plan, and a fundraising for the purchase. We were fortunate to receive funding from Wyoming Main Street, Wyoming Community Foundation, and Wyoming Arts Council to put together these documents. This phase will culminate in the purchase of the property by June 28, 2019, when our intent to purchase contract expires with the property owner.  $160,000 will go towards the purchase of the property, and $10,000 towards grant writing for the renovation/restoration. Our deadline for this phase is June 28, 2019, we must have the full amount raised to purchase the property before our intent to purchase contract expires. Funds raised in this phase will be used as grant matches for Phase 2.

PHASE 2: Renovation. Estimated Funding Needed $900K

Consists of the actual building rehabilitation and restoration. Which includes architectural design, construction, and purchasing theater specific equipment. We have to piece together many smaller sources of funding. The length of this phase will be highly dependent on receiving adequate funding, timing of grants, and issues encountered with the building and weather. Depending on these variables it could take multiple years to complete.

PHASE 3: Open and operational! Estimated Funding needed TBD

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